Customer Testimonials

I love to work one-on-one with my customers to come up with a design just for them!  I especially enjoy working with brides… it is so rewarding to contribute to their special day and help make their vision come to fruition.

Here is what people are saying about bliss jewels...
At a recent trunk show, Deb fell in love with a piece called "Bohemian Chic Blues", a funky mix of faceted aqua glass beads, mixed with gorgeous sparkly crystals from China.  The focal point is the colorful handpainted porcelain heart pendant... this piece is sweet, yet funky... just like Deb.  Deb is a bliss fan:
bliss jewelry is beautifully made with unique stones and materials not found with other designers. The findings and clasps are well made and better than other pieces I own... Artistic and unique pieces that are reasonably priced and make great gifts! 
Young lady, you have incredible talent and vision and people see that in you. Now through pushing yourself to go out and "spread the bliss", you're starting to see that and great things will happen for you.
-Deb D.
Summerville, SC
At a recent trunk show she hosted, Holly purchased a necklace and earring set featuring shells, iridescent glass, and a bold turquoise pendant.  Doesn't she look blissful? 

Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, so when I saw "Bohemian Splendor," I had to have it!  The very next day, I picked out an outfit to go with my new necklace and earrings.  I love this!
-Holly F.
Mount Pleasant, SC
Tina B saw some pictures of my blissful jewels posted on my Facebook page, and decided she had to have some!!  She ordered several pieces, and she was delighted!  Here's her feedback via email:     

Words can't describe how much I love my necklace and earrings. It's beautiful... the quality is amazing.... I love the colors...

Pictures don't do any justice... keep up the great work.

I love love love my set.... thank you!!

-Tina B.
Medford, MA
A recent custom order, "Pretty Pretty Princess Ballerina" was a birthday gift for Elaine's niece.  It features glass and crystals in several shades of pink, and a girly, "floofy", Sterling silver ballerina.  Here's what she had to say:
 I really wanted to start a keepsake collection for my 4 year-old niece.  I wanted each year's selection to represent her interests at that time -- something that would really take her back to that year.  But, I also wanted the selection to be something she'd love each year (as opposed to some dust collector that would become uneventful over time).  

bliss has exceeded all expectations!  Her first bliss necklace, "The Pretty Pretty Princess Ballerina," is EXACTLY what I wanted, and what I knew she'd love (pink, pink, pink, "princess-ey" and it must incorporate ballet since it's one of her favorite hobbies right now).  

Needless to say, it was a huge hit and the Floofy Ballerina is in very good hands now.  Thank you for all of your work and incredible creativity. Anne will have a one-of-a-kind keepsake collection thanks to you!

-Elaine B.
Pelham, NH


Heather B. needed electric blue bling to go with the fantastic strapless dress she was wearing to a wedding...  a tri-color blue choker with Swarovski crystals and pearls did the trick.  She wanted sparkly and funky, but still elegant.  Mission accomplished!!  She looked gorrrrgeous!! (and blissful!)